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All Taqua designs allow you to easily switch between pure, filtered water when you need it, or regular water from the tap when you don’t.
You can also choose either regular flow, or shower mode. Each design features an extendable hose, convenient for washing vegetables, dishes etc.
Taps Modes

T-5 Mixer

A mix of tradition, technology and design delivers pure joy

The award winning T-5 mixer tap combines the ultimate Japanese minimalist design with precision engineering and functionality.

Housed within the stylish arm is a technologically advanced, activated charcoal filter that significantly filters out impurities to deliver fresh, pure, great tasting filtered water. At the touch of a button.

No need for clunky, under bench  filters. You’ll never buy bottled water again. The extendable hose makes light work of washing vegetables, dishes etc. The newly designed shower function is an accurate and highly efficient tool for cleaning and food preparation, with minimal wasteful splashing.

Available in matte black or chrome finish.

WELS Registration Number: T39504


T-3 Mixer

What goes into it,
makes what comes
out so perfect

The sophisticated design of the T-3 allows you to easily switch between fresh, filtered water and tap water. Just press the button at the front to activate the built-in Taqua filter.

Filtered water can also be delivered as a shower spray by turning the dial to switch between shower and normal flow.

The extendable hose makes light work of washing vegetables, dishes etc.

WELS Registration Number: T32982


T-1 Mixer


On the driest continent on Earth, water is a precious commodity. The ingenious design of the T-1 tap allows you to save around 20% more water when in ‘Eco-Shower’ mode.

With the Taqua built-in water filter you can easily switch between fresh, filtered water and tap water at the press of a button.

The extendable hose makes light work of washing vegetables, dishes etc.

WELS Registration Number: T32981

10 reasons why Taqua makes your life easier


1. One simple push

You can switch from filtered water to tap water with just a push of a button.


2. Keeps ‘nasties’ out

The filter helps provide healthy water for kids and families.


3. Practical nozzle

Easy food-prep and cleaning with the handy spray nozzle and extendable hose.


4. Stylish design

Sophisticated, minimalist design fits seamlessly into any modern kitchen.


5. Save space in the kitchen

No need for bulky tanks or underneath sink filters.


6. Easy to replace filter

Takes only 10 seconds to replace the filter cartridge.


7. Reduce plastic waste

Promotes eco-friendly drinking habits. No more bottled water.


8. High-quality product

Made from the finest, durable materials in Japan.


9. Clean produce

Our taps are not only about drinking water, but also cooking, washing vegetables and fruit.


10. High performance and flow

Our taps filter up to a massive 4 litres of water per minute.