Be transported by our incredible new T-5 filtration tap

Winner of three major design awards!

Taqua’s new T-5 is the pinnacle of technology

Japan’s #1 water filter, made in Japan to the highest standards, now has a new model in Australia. Taqua’s stylish new T-5 in-tap system provides you and your family with safe, clean filtered water whenever you want it. For great-tasting filtered water with free space under your sink, you simply can’t go past the T-5 for quality, performance and ease of use. No bulky tanks, and no need to buy bottled water ever again. It’s truly transformational!

Delicious water, food prep, cleaning – the T-5 does it all

Aside from the convenience of an on-tap knob for effortless shifting between filtered water and regular tap water, the T-5’s newly designed shower function is highly accurate and very efficient, with the result being that there’s almost no unwanted splashing at all.

Available in matte black and chrome

Not only is it easy to use, Taqua’s new T-5 looks terrific too – in either chrome or matte black. It’s designed to perfectly complement the décor of any home, office, or hospitality environment.

Switch from filtered water to tap water by just turning the knob.

Provides the healthiest water for children’s developing immune systems.

Easy food-prep and cleaning with the handy spray nozzle and extendable hose.

Sophisticated, minimalist design fits seamlessly into any modern kitchen.

Save space in the kitchen – no need for bulky tanks or underneath sink filters.


Once you have got your new T-5, you can extend Taqua’s standard two-year warranty to five years at no cost, by simply registering your details.

Get a new T-5 and taste the difference