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T-5 Mixer

WELS 5 Star, 6.0L/min

Pure, filtered water at the touch of a button, whenever you need it.

Or use regular, unfiltered tap water when you don’t. The T-5 is a stylish, versatile solution for every use.

Available in matte black or chrome finish.

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T-3 Mixer

WELS 4 Star, 6.5L/min

The sophisticated design of the T-3 allows you to easily switch between fresh, filtered water and tap water.

Just press the button at the front of the tap.

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T-1 Mixer

WELS 4 Star, 6.5L/min

A large, easy to see display lets you know if the filter is Off or On.

Switching between fresh, filtered water and tap water is as easy as pushing a button.

The ‘Eco-Shower’ mode is designed to save around 20% more water.

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Why you’ll love having a Taqua at your place

Icon One Simple Step

One simple push

You can switch from filtered water to tap water with just a push of a button.


Easy to replace filter

Takes only 10 seconds to replace the filter cartridge.

Icon Practical Nozzle

Practical nozzle

Easy food-prep and cleaning with the handy spray nozzle and extendable hose.

Icon Stylish Design

Stylish design

Sophisticated, minimalist design fits seamlessly into any modern kitchen.

Icon Save Space in the Kitchen

Save space in the kitchen

No need for bulky tanks or underneath sink filters.

Pure filtered water for the home. Less plastic for the planet.

Every built-in filter delivers 1200 litres of pure, filtered water over 3-4 months, with average use. Installing a Taqua tap means potentially reducing the same number of 1L plastic water bottles from entering the environment.

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Nicholas Gurney

Award-winning designer Nicholas Gurney has earned a reputation for his innovative reworking of inner-city dwellings. The concepts of beautility and reductivism are imbued in each project to heighten the functionality of compact environments and Taqua taps are the perfect accompaniment.

Enjoy the Japanese precision evident in Taqua products. A clients decision is not based on material finish or styling, its function-driven and clients are pleased to know they have installed a Japanese best-seller in their home. The outstanding piece of ingenuity has been combining tap and filtration in a single unit, and importantly, doing so in a manner that is neatly concealed.

Nicholas Gurney


Tony Kwok

Tony Kwok
Owner Quali-Tea™ Tea Shop / Sydney CBD

Tony and his wife Chevy are the owners of the award winning Quali-Tea™ tea shop in Sydneys iconic The Strand Arcade. Tony uses a Taqua tap to prepare teas to sample for his customers.

Clean water is important when brewing tea. As a result, the aftertaste of tea will be sweeter and smoother, and now we are using the Taqua Filter, we are very happy with the quality of water. I highly recommend to get one to brew a pot of great tea.

Tony Kwok

Owner Quali-Tea™ Tea Shop / Sydney CBD


Gary Mays
Licensed Plumber

Gary Mays has owned and operated Whywait Plumbing for 44 years. In that time he has become an acknowledged industry expert specialising in plumbing maintenance and environmentally sustainable best practice for water use in homes and commercial buildings.

"The Taqua tap truly is Japanese engineering at its finest. It is a genuine revolution in multiple areas from the built-in filter to the unique design features in the spray control to the smooth operation of the pull-out spray. The simplicity in changing the filter still amazes me every time I demonstrate the tap. From a plumbing perspective, I can genuinely say this is the finest tap I have ever seen. Every client we install them for just loves the taste of the water and the simple operation of a tap that is 100% perfection at every level."

Gary Mays

Licensed Plumber